Sunday, November 21, 2010

Suzuki Smash the new V115 - a more powerful and fuel efficient

Assembler Suzuki Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.. (Suzuki assembler) launched its latest new variations of their bikes, Smash V115 comes with a 115cc engine with 4 speed transmission. For the model V115 Smash, Suzuki offers three different versions of the V115 comes rims Smash SCD sports and front disc brake, Smash V115 SD (front disc brake) and Smash V115 (front drum brakes). According to its manufacturer, Smash V115 comes with a better handling, and storage of fuel on the count of 50.2 kilometers for every liter of petrol.
The new bike can register speeds up to 97.8 miles per hour. There are four color options to capture New Titan Black, Pearl Vigor Blue, Candy Red and Pearl White Summer Mirage. Official selling price has not been completed, but as a guide, the Suzuki Smash V115 suggested price of RM4, 847.00 (V115 Smash SCD), RM4, 597.00 (Smash V115 SD) and RM4, 368.00 to Smash V115. Still looking for a bicycle ride on the same day, the latest Suzuki Smash V115 can be considered.